Receptive Tour Operators are defined as United States-based companies which specialize in creating, marketing, and selling United States travel products to International Inbound travelers. Receptive Tour Operators have unique knowledge of the countries they serve and of the destinations they sell. A Tour Operator shall be considered a Receptive when the majority of its revenue is derived from Inbound International travelers to the United States.

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Registration for the 2016 RSAA Summit is Now Open
RSAA's 2016 Summit will take place Feb. 9-10 in New York City at the Crowne Plaza Times Square. Registration is now open! Come celebrate RSAA's 25th anniversary and learn about the latest trends and information relevant to the inbound travel industry.

Call on Congress:

Dear RSAA Members,

We need your help to call on your members of Congress in support of the Visa Waiver Program. As you may know, the recent terror attacks in Paris have brought new scrutiny to the Visa Waiver Program and some members of Congress are calling for suspension of or significant revisions to the program as an additional security measure. We must join together as an industry to support this program that’s critical to our businesses.
Please copy the following letter onto your letterhead and send to your congressional representatives – you may find their contact information here by entering your address or zip code. 

Thank you for your advocacy on behalf of RSAA and our industry.

Best regards,

Jonathan Zuk

Dear (Your Senator or Representative),

As a member of the travel industry whose livelihood is dependent on international travel and visitors to the United States, I am writing you today to express my concern about the talk regarding revisions to the Visa Waiver Program.
As our hearts and sympathies are with the people of Paris and all who have fallen victim to terrorist attacks, we recognize that the Department of Homeland Security must take appropriate measures to enhance US security. However, we must be aware of the consequences resulting from a rush to changes to what has been a very successful program. One which results in significant contributions to our economy.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the Visa Waiver Program has stringent security including individualized pre-screening of travelers, greater international information sharing among law enforcement and intelligence services, and more secure passports for participating countries.

Please do not rush to suspend or make changes to the program without the proper vetting and scrutiny. It is critical to our nation’s economy and to your constituents specifically.


(Your name and company)

RSAA Message from the Chairman:

We recently announced that Jane Rossmango would be leading our association. Unfortunately, Jane has had to relinquish her position due to unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, we will launch a new executive search in early 2016.
In the meantime, I am pleased to inform you that in working with our esteemed management company, Associations International, we have engaged Lisa Simon, of The Simon Connection, as our interim executive director. Lisa was the President of NTA for many years and has 30 years of combined experience in travel and association management. Since leaving NTA, she has been consulting with trade associations, professional societies and travel technology firms.

It’s perfect timing for Lisa to join us as we have exciting things happening at RSAA and you will be hearing more details about our plans for the future in the coming months with a full report at the Summit. As we prepare to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we are on the cusp of great changes. We have spent the last few months examining all facets of your association – including who we are, what we do and how we do it. And we are taking bold steps to leverage our expertise, experience and connections to make your businesses stronger.

As I mentioned, we’ll have more information to share with you during the Summit, so please be sure to join us February 9-10, in New York City. 
For now, please join me in welcoming Lisa to our team. You may reach her at 

Warmest regards,

Jonathan Zuk

RSAA Membership Meeting
Nearly 70 RSAA members (and prospective members) attended the Membership/Networking event at Bill's Bar and Burger. Thanks to Bill's Bar and Burger and Accent on Dining for their sponsorship of the event!

Upcoming Industry Events
Feb. 9-10, 2016 - RSAA Summit, New York City, NY
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